A Better “Magic 8 Ball” App: Science Over Chance
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A Better “Magic 8 Ball” App: Science Over Chance

16 Apr A Better “Magic 8 Ball” App: Science Over Chance

When we deliberate for a long time over decision making, this process decreases our state of happiness. For most people, unless a decision is clear, the more options we have available to us, the more stress we endure. We become concerned that we will choose incorrectly, that the other choice will make us happier, etc. Take out the stress by using the Choice Compass app, which helps you listen to your heart to make the best decision.

Replacing the Magic 8 Ball with Choice Compass

Over the course of human history, human beings have created hundreds of tools to make choices for them or to steer them in the ‘correct’ direction, so they don’t have to make decisions for themselves. There have been oracles, mystics, fortune tellers, tarot cards, little rhymes like “Eeny meeny, miney, moe,” plucking petals from flowers, magic 8 balls, and so on. Human minds are fraught with neuroses because we don’t think we know what what’s best, so we look outside of ourselves for the answers.

Choice Compass is designed to change all that. We do know what we want, we just need a little dose of technology and a healthy mind-body connection. When juxtaposing two choices, the answer is inside of us all along, residing on a subconscious level. The problem most people have is how to access that answer. Now it’s easier than ever with the Choice Compass app – a decision making app for iPhone and Android that gets to the bottom of what you actually want and reveals it to you.

Listen to Your Heart … Literally

Science has shown us that our subconscious mind often speaks through our physiology. In the case of decision-making, our heart rhythms are involved in the process. The average pace of an adult heart generally is somewhere between 60 and 100 beats per minute, speeding up or slowing down in reaction to various thoughts. These rhythms change in a complicated way according to mood — not just simple speeding up or slowing down, but creating a delicate dance over time that correlates with positivity and negativity.

On the Choice Compass app, you’ll be directed to enter two choices you’ve had a hard time deliberating between, and you’ll be asked to concentrate on one for fifty seconds, then the other for fifty seconds, all the while holding your finger against the camera lens on your smartphone.

While you’re concentrating on each option, Choice Compass uses the camera to detect blood flowing through your finger, monitoring the color of your blood. Depending on the amount of oxygen being pumped into your blood with each heartbeat, your finger’s blood color varies, indicating your heart’s average beat per minute, as well as the intervals between the beats — which provides information about their rhythm.

Using Choice Compass for All Your Decisions

So, when you have some tough decisions, such as which school you should send your child to, or if you’re choosing between two names for your new company, all you have to do is open up Choice Compass, enter the two options, contemplate them each for a minute, and then listen to what your heart tells you. For really difficult decisions, the makers of Choice Compass suggest trying the same decision on different days, and taking the average “winning” decision.

The Choice Compass application is your new scientific tool that helps you uncover the wisdom locked inside of yourself. No need to leave important decisions up to chance, or “fate,” and to try to look outside of you. Your heart knows what’s best. When you rely on Choice Compass, you put yourself back in the driver’s seat, making an informed decision based on all the information you’ve stored not only in your conscious mind, but also in your subconscious.

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