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Android Decision Making App

Choice Compass Android Decision Making App

Choice Compass is a decision making app that helps you make better choices. After downloading the app from the Google Play Store, you can start looking at choices about everyday questions you may have, such as:

  • Should I wear my stiletto heels today?
  • Would it be more fun to bicycle or unicycle to work?
  • What’s the best way to get my veggies: drink or inhale?

Or more serious questions that arise:

  • Should I move to California or stay in Des Moines?
  • Would asking for a raise or quitting feel better?
  • Is it better to date the geologist or the rock star?

Ready to get what people are calling the best decision making app for your Android phone?

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Get Decisions on Tough Choices in Less Than a Minute

  • Choice Compass decision making app for Android on your smartphone.
  • Read the tutorial, and consider “calibrating” the app to your physiology, as discussed in the TIPS document in Settings.
  • Hold your finger on the camera lens of your smartphone for 50 seconds per choice.
  • Consider each of two opposing choices (example: tour Ireland vs. backpack New Zealand) while Choice Compass monitors the rhythm of your heartbeats,
  • After you’ve considered each option, Choice Compass decision making app will tell you the best choice based on what your heart is telling you.


Android App Customer Reviews


Awesome app I was part of the beta testing for this app so this review is about a previous version, but if the final release is anything like the previous, this app is really neat. Well worth the money, even just for a novelty. This app gives you just the push you need to make decisions. I’ve made a few using it (as well as my own decision making), and haven’t been disappointed yet! The app developers definitely did their homework!” – Scott Smith

Genuinely Surprising. [I’m] not normally someone who goes for this sort of thing, I was surprised to find that this was genuinely surprising and that the answers it came. out with resembled what I was feeling, or thought I was feeling at least.” – Tom Dawson

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