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How does Choice Compass relate to intuition?

18 Apr How does Choice Compass relate to intuition?

Choice Compass has only been available for 24 hours in the iTunes app store, and we’re delighted to announce that the app is already making people think about how their inner voices are being expressed through their heart activity!

Here are a few of the things users have told us about their attempts to tune into their inner voice using Choice Compass:

From a med student: “Tonight my heart is telling me I want to ‘sleep early’ instead of ‘study late.'”

From a psychoanalyst: “Wait, I think it’s telling me to do the thing that I’m most comfortable with, the thing that seems safest and brings me the most ease. Is that right?”

From a lawyer: “It gave me what I first thought was the wrong answer. But here’s something interesting…the two choices I entered were: 1) eat lunch now, and 2) eat lunch later. I was very hungry, so I thought “eat lunch now” was obviously the correct answer. But, in fact, after I got finished with the Choice Compass trial, I *didn’t* eat lunch. Instead, I went back to my computer and started to respond to urgent emails. Is it possible that the app picked up on something more than my conscious intention to eat lunch soon?”

All of these observations are in line with what you can expect from Choice Compass. Choice Compass is designed to present to you your own feelings about what to do next. However, some people may be more aware of these feelings than others.

In terms of the question of intuition — intuition is a vague word. It can be used to refer to the feelings/thoughts/decisions we make when we are in a less analytical, more insightful mode. In this sense, intuition draws upon information that we don’t consciously process, but that we have received through our five senses. Intuition can also be used to refer to “psychic” abilities — feelings/thoughts/decisions that do not seem to arise from information received through our five senses, but yet seem to accurately represent information somehow.

Choice Compass is most likely to reflect the first meaning of intuition, because that is closest to the kind of choices we asked beta-testers to make when they were using Choice Compass. These are choices that put you in an emotional and insightful state: “I choose to be miserable” versus “I choose to celebrate my life.” Because we fine-tuned our choice algorithm to these kinds of comparisons, we suspect (but don’t know for sure) that this might carry over to real-life intuition. From the three anecdotes above, this could be the case. Choice Compass has not been tested for the “psychic” meaning of intuition, though we hope you will do the experiment yourself and let us know how it goes!

It is our hope that you will use Choice Compass repeatedly, on different choice types, and discover for yourself what Choice Compass tells you. Based on our testing, we think that for most people it will resonate with what you already know to be your heart’s wisdom, but this will be variable for two reasons: 1) sometimes we are not conscious of what is the best next step so the “answer” given by Choice Compass might not match what we consciously think it should be (see the point by the lawyer, above), and 2) heart activity is not the same for everyone, so some people will be different from the people we tested.

The best thing to do when using Choice Compass to answer “life path” questions, is to first calibrate it for you. Run the “I choose to feel miserable” versus “I choose to celebrate life” comparison 3-5 times. If it tells you to feel miserable all the time, then use Choice Compass, but reverse all of its answers! If it seems to have no relationship to your physiology, please ask for a refund! Finally, if it tells you, as it did most of our testers, to “celebrate life” most of the time, then you can feel pretty good about using Choice Compass as an additional tool for decision making.

Please keep us posted about your observations on Choice Compass and intuition! We want to know what you experience. Thank you for participating in this new mode of accessing your heart wisdom!!

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