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I’m afraid, but I want it…how do I choose?

23 Jun I’m afraid, but I want it…how do I choose?


“Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt

I recently had the opportunity to use my own invention to help me learn what was going on with me in one of my life decisions. Sometimes I think Choice Compass is a cool app, but not really a serious tool for transformation. Even though some users had mentioned to me that it has helped them figure out complicated issues in their lives, I wasn’t sure whether they were just flattering me.

However, yesterday I realized that Choice Compass really can be a transformative tool. Let me tell you how it worked for me.

I was having trouble figuring out why I felt some internal resistance to a career choice that seemed, on the surface, to be so perfect for me. I decided to put the choice into Choice Compass, and see what my heart told me. After multiple tries, Choice Compass consistently told me not to take that choice. But I wasn’t satisfied, as I knew my heart wanted me to take it.

Then I remembered that if you’re scared about something, Choice Compass can pick up that fear and assume it’s the opposite of joy. Then it will pick the other choice, which has less fear. So I decided to try an experiment. I called the career choice “A” and then I used Choice Compass to compare “Scared of A” with “Excited about A.” When Choice Compass was recording my heart activity during “Scared of A,” I thought about all the things that terrified me about the career choice. But during “Excited about A,” I thought of all the things that thrilled me about the possibilities. Sure enough, Choice Compass chose “Excited about A” as the best choice.

I realized that when I thought about A, my career choice, I was both excited and scared. In general, fear was winning out. But when I separated the two sets of possibilities — that is, when I chose excitement over fear, excitement won. Then I went back to the original choice, thinking about the excitement inherent in the choice. Now, Choice Compass agreed with my sense of my heart’s desire.

Most important to me, I learned that my fear did not need to dominate my feelings about this career choice.

Soon after I realized the power of excitement rather than fear, I had a very positive meeting all about the possibilities related to this choice. I feel like Choice Compass opened me up so I could really appreciate that meeting and the forward movement it provided.

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