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iPhone Decision Making App

Looking for an iPhone decision making app that gives you results based on what your heart is telling you? Choice Compass offers you just that! While you consider 2 choices:

  • Should I keep my job? vs. Should I return to college?
  • Should I travel to Ireland? vs. Should I backpack Yellowstone National Park?
  • Should I stay here? vs. Should I move closer to my parents?

You hold your finger over your smartphone’s camera, and Choice Compass will analyze your heartbeat rhythm to give you the answer that is true to your heart. Our iPhone decision making app is able to give your results based on positive – rather than negative – decisions.

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  • Download Choice Compass’ iPhone app to your smartphone from the App store.
  • Read the tutorial, and consider “calibrating” the app to your physiology, as discussed in the TIPS document in Settings.
  • Hold your finger on the camera lens of your smartphone for 50 seconds per choice.
  • Consider each of two opposing choices (example: tour Ireland vs. backpack New Zealand) while Choice Compass monitors the rhythm of your heartbeats,
  • Choice Compass decision making app will tell you the best choice based on what your heart is telling you.


iPhone Customer Reviews


“This seems more fine-tuned. I’m intrigued by the gender thing – I want to learn more about how men and women have different heart rhythm reactions to ideas and thoughts. Wild.” – Sciencey

Love the Update

“I love the new gender update! Now Choice Compass can be set for a male or female user. It’s much more accurate. I love that this app reads me. It gives me honest and powerful direction. I trust what it has to say.” – Sunshine Deluxe

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