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Listen to Your Heart This Valentine’s Day

13 Feb Listen to Your Heart This Valentine’s Day

When it comes to matters of the heart, even the most rational among us can lose their heads. There are the nerves and then the neuroses that send you into fits of second-guessing yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’re married, in a stable relationship, on the rocks, or just in some infatuated state with someone you feel doesn’t even know your name. The fact is that love makes us crazy with trying to figure out what’s going on, how to act, or what to do next. To all the questions we end up asking ourselves, there are solutions. Choice Compass can help you look within yourself to find them.

Usually, when we try to access our true feelings regarding topics like, “Am I in love with this person (or just in love with love)?” or “Am I ready for a relationship (or do I have too much going on right now)?” or “Should I ask him/her to marry me (or should I wait a little bit)?” we run into a fog of emotional barriers. Our nerves, fears, or overarching desires have a tendency to overwhelm us, and we can end up mistaking them for what we truly want. Choice Compass is a decision-making app designed to help you finally make a decision when faced with such options as these.

By holding your finger up to your smart phone’s camera, or the camera on your tablet or iPad, while considering one of two opposing options for one minute each, Choice Compass monitors your heart rate and the intervals between each heartbeat. After you repeat the process for the other option, Choice Compass compares the results from the two sets of data and selects one of them as the final decision you would ultimately like to make, all based on the reactions your heart has to the choices placed before it. Your heart will tell you which of the two options will bring you more joy by changing its rhythm when confronted with the option it prefers.

We all know some version of the advice, “Listen to your heart,” or “Follow your intuition.” Words of wisdom such as these now have science to back up their validity, thanks to the decades of physiology research that inform Choice Compass. So even if the issue in question is where to take your beau to dinner or how to shower him/her with gifts this Valentine’s Day (Do I buy jewelry or flowers?), Choice Compass will help you stop to deliberating and instead to reach a decision quickly, based on what your heart ultimately thinks will result in the most happiness.

Choice Compass works with your subconscious to determine which direction you’re ready to go in your love life. As they say, “The heart wants what the heart wants,” and with Choice Compass, you’ll be able to listen to it when it tells you just what that is.

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