Not Sure Who to Date? Let Choice Compass Tell You Who You Really Want
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Not Sure Who to Date? Let Choice Compass Tell You Who You Really Want

02 Apr Not Sure Who to Date? Let Choice Compass Tell You Who You Really Want

Love is a tricky business. Many of us are looking to find “the one,” and the dating process can be exhausting and frustrating — especially if you’re spending time and putting effort into pursuing people you’re not sure are good for you in the first place. Well, now there’s an app for that! Choice Compass may be able to help you weed out potential mates who are unlikely to fulfill your needs, as well as help you figure out the traits you’re looking for in a partner.

Sometimes, your desire to just be in a relationship can cloud your judgment and confuse you as to whether you genuinely care enough to be with a certain person. There’s nothing wrong with just wanting a partner, but the more time you spend with the wrong person, the more opportunities you’ll miss to find the right one. If you find yourself dating someone who doesn’t completely satisfy your image of an ideal mate, it’s time to open up Choice Compass on your smartphone and ask yourself some questions. You might ask anything from “Andy” versus “Tony,” to “love” versus “passion.”

If you’re starting at square one and are having a hard time even figuring out what would make you happy in a partner, Choice Compass can come in handy. Many times, people will lock onto the image of an ideal life partner to help start their search, but that image ends up to be a hindrance to your real goal. Maybe you dream of someone who’s successful, has an exciting job, and has a great sense of humor. The more specific your image, the harder it’ll be to find a real person who fits it.

Put Choice Compass to work to decide if you’re actually looking for someone who’s financially well-off, or whether you’d actually be happier with a person who is stable and simply responsible with money. Or, perhaps, instead of wanting someone with an interesting job, you’d be satisfied with a mate who has skills you admire but don’t possess yourself. And maybe it’s more important to you, in the long run, that your partner be health-oriented rather than someone who goes to extremes in the pursuit of bodily perfection.

If, however, you know what kind of life you want with that special someone — say, kids, a house, and a partner who will be home with you every night — these are things to pay attention to when beginning the dating process. The idea is to iron out the conflicts before you get too far afield of your life’s goals. So, if your date is a pilot who loves living in an urban flat and doesn’t like children, but you’re completely enamored with his/her personality, you can consult Choice Compass to find out if this person is worth giving up everything else you were sure you wanted.

When it comes to love, it goes without saying that you should follow your heart. Your heart knows what it wants, but if your brain is trying to make the decision, you may end up unhappy. Use Choice Compass to help you get in touch with what you’re looking for, so you won’t end up in relationships or on dates that lead to nowhere, or at least nowhere you actually want to go.

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